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Residents Medical and the USMLE Process

RM Logo square OFFICIALBased in Los Angeles, Residents Medical helps U.S., foreign and international medical school graduates position themselves as attractive candidates for residency programs at top U.S. medical schools. One of the major ways Residents Medical helps its clients is by guiding them through all three United States Medical Licensing Examinations (USMLEs)

Both in the United States and internationally, medical school students wanting to come to America are typically required to complete the first two steps of the USMLE process before they are officially allowed to graduate. Polling of residency program directors, as well as the insight of Residents Medical over the years, point to scores on these two exams as likely the top two indicators that are considered in residency program applications.

International medical school graduates typically have to go further, however. There is a third step to the USMLE process for them, but unfortunately international medical schools are lacking in their preparation for this step. Residents Medical, however, includes all three steps in its preparation approach and has one-on-one instruction opportunities to help international medical school graduates get on track and gain residency program interviews.

An Introduction to Residents Medical USMLE Tutoring Services



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For more than two decades, Residents Medical in Los Angeles has provided graduate medical students with a range of academic services, including placement assistance into a medical residency program. Residents Medical also provides extensive preparatory services, including United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) tutoring.

Residents Medical tutoring services allow tutors to effectively assess students’ study habits to determine their strengths and areas of need. Each tutor has scored highly on all three exam sections and has graduated from a top-tier medical school, both in the US and abroad.

Additional aspects of USMLE tutoring include a free assessment and a schedule that conforms to the student’s availability. One-on-one tutoring sessions can be provided over a variety of popular video interfaces. To learn more about tutoring services, including pricing and further academic support, visit residentsmedical.com.

Other educational services offered by Residents Medical include opportunities for 48-week rotations, externships across an array of specialties, and research fellowships.