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Rural Residents Suffer from Shortage of Physicians


RM Logo square OFFICIALFounded in 1993, Residents Medical has been helping US and international medical students successfully navigate the residency matching process. Residents Medical collaborates with its sister organization, The Everest Foundation, to address critical health-care issues such as the shortage of licensed physicians in rural areas.

Statistics show that in rural areas there are only 39.8 doctors for every 100,000 residents, compared to urban areas where there are 53.3 doctors for every 100,000 people. This uneven distribution has a significant impact on people living outside of urban areas. However, the lack of access to medical professionals is just one of the factors associated with the health care disparities between urban and rural communities. Lower average incomes, greater transportation difficulties, and a lack of high-speed internet access also contribute to the struggle of many rural Americans to lead healthy lives.

The health inequities experienced by rural residents only serve to illuminate the problem. For example, the risk of an injury-related death is 22 percent higher for a rural resident, and over 50 percent of the country’s crash-related fatalities occur in rural areas, even though less than a third of all vehicle miles are driven there. Additionally, the incidence of heart disease and diabetes is higher among rural residents.