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Residency Applicants Boost Chances with Research-to-Residency Programs

RM Logo square OFFICIALResidents Medical helps medical students and graduates take the next step in their careers by offering consultation, education, preparation, and placement. One of the ways Residents Medical positions its clients for success is through its research-to-residency services, which help medical students obtain research fellowships in the United States.

Residency program directors take interest and involvement in research seriously when it comes to vetting applicants. Medical students or graduates with research experience on their applications are often thought more likely to have excellent time-management and analytical skills. Additionally, research experience can make the difference between two otherwise equally qualified applicants.

However, not all research opportunities are equal. When medical students and graduates apply for a residency in a competitive medical specialty, such as Ophthalmology, Radiology, or Orthopedics, having research experience in those fields is best. Clinical research experience, as opposed to basic science research experience, can also be helpful because it shows that a candidate has worked with patients.