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Characteristics of a Strong PS and CV for Medical Residency Applicants






For 2 decades, Residents Medical has been helping its candidates using a pioneering approach to guide them in obtaining a medical residency. Residents Medical provides several services including consulting and preparing a CV (curriculum vitae) and PS (personal statement), especially for foreign medical graduates (FMGs) and international medical graduates (IMGs). A candidate’s CV and PS serves as the first impression to present experience, achievements, and skills to stand out from their competition.

To catch the interviewer’s eye, the PS should be a one-page essay format, that is concise and well-articulated while being able to grasp the attention of the reader in 10 seconds. It should outline the candidate’s motivations, strengths, and unique attributes that will contribute to being a successful resident. A candidate should keep in mind that their statement will be read by a selection committee – which includes the interviewers and the residency program director. The committee will be looking to see if the potential resident has the focus, maturity, enthusiasm, and stability to succeed.

The CV is a summary that specifically outlines the graduate’s medical education and research
background. It should be able to highlight that the candidate is professional and distinctive, along with possessing exceptional communication skills. The CV should be stimulating to move the reader to action. It is also important that a CV be easy to read and well-organized so that it is visually appealing.