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The Many Benefits of Externships


An Introduction to Residents Medical CV Evaluation Services


CV Evalution

Residents Medical has provided a range of medical residency preparation, education, placement, and consulting services since the organization’s founding in 1993. Regarding residency preparatory services, Residents Medical (RM) helps graduates prepare for interviews, while also reviewing their CV and Personal Statement (PS).

Presentation is a key element of an effective CV for medical graduates seeking residency opportunities. An effective CV must not only provide immediate, accurate insight into a potential resident’s achievements and experience, but function as a strong first impression about the individual’s organizational and communication skills. In fact, the quality and content of a resident’s CV can be a determining factor at the highest levels of residency competition, particularly when it comes to foreign medical graduates (FMG) and international medical graduates (IMG) who face increased competition.

In addition to the many technical aspects of a properly composed CV, medical graduates must learn to craft a unique, yet concise Personal Statement (PS) that stands apart from the countless CV’s residency boards review every year. CV and PS services offered by RM include unlimited revisions, comprehensive review and editing support for a graduate’s most up to date CV. A more thorough overview of CV services can be found online at

Medical Graduates Stuck in Residency Bottleneck

RM Logo square OFFICIALResidents Medical is a Los Angeles-based residency placement assistance organization and educational facility. Inspired by the work of Dr. Edwin Everest and currently operated by Mrs. Agata Everest, Residents Medical offers consulting, educational courses and placement services to medical professionals to help address the residency bottleneck and physician shortage across the country.

Unfortunately, there is much work to be done, as statistics recently released by the National Residency Match Program highlight. With 35,000 postgraduate training positions available, the organization reported 44,600 applicants across the United States. This leaves many medical professionals in a state of limbo, with qualifications but no way to practice.

This contributes to the worsening doctor shortage across the nation. For instance, in California, some areas have no general surgeon within a 50-mile radius. Multiple organizations that have been trying to tackle this issue, but this is a national problem that experts say will require a system-wide solution.

Residents Medical Helps Candidates Ask the Right Questions

RM Logo square OFFICIALBased in Los Angeles, Residents Medical helps domestic and international medical school graduates obtain placements in top residency programs in the United States. In its work, Residents Medical helps candidates consider key questions to find the best fit for their residencies.

One of the most important things to consider is the breadth of opportunities available at a residency institution, such as research and volunteer slots. Each residency position has different opportunities, so candidates must do their homework to see which is the best fit for their career goals.

Also important to consider is how a residency will enhance the candidate’s long-term career aspirations. In particular, candidates should find out about the fellowship and practice opportunities that have been offered to residents.

In addition to the base salary, candidates should consider benefits, such as vacation time, when they evaluate a program. Vacation time may sound inconsequential, but in high-stress medical careers, time away from work is important.

In addition to preparing candidates for placement, Residents Medical can help them discover the questions they should ask about programs and their career plans. In fact, Residents Medical has working MD’s that work part-time for them helping prepare its candidates to ask the right questions of the residency programs the candidate is interested in practicing in. To learn more about the company’s services, visit