Medical Graduates Stuck in Residency Bottleneck

RM Logo square OFFICIALResidents Medical is a Los Angeles-based residency placement assistance organization and educational facility. Inspired by the work of Dr. Edwin Everest and currently operated by Mrs. Agata Everest, Residents Medical offers consulting, educational courses and placement services to medical professionals to help address the residency bottleneck and physician shortage across the country.

Unfortunately, there is much work to be done, as statistics recently released by the National Residency Match Program highlight. With 35,000 postgraduate training positions available, the organization reported 44,600 applicants across the United States. This leaves many medical professionals in a state of limbo, with qualifications but no way to practice.

This contributes to the worsening doctor shortage across the nation. For instance, in California, some areas have no general surgeon within a 50-mile radius. Multiple organizations that have been trying to tackle this issue, but this is a national problem that experts say will require a system-wide solution.